auto accessories your new year’s resolution

Now is the time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolution. This year forget about the Gym Membership, Why spend money on something that you probably will not do anyway. Why not direct your attention to taking care of the thing that matters the most to you - your mode of transportation. Give your vehicle a face lift with auto accessories you can enjoy all year long.
Every day, twice a day, you have that one on one relationship with your car. Are you giving it the attention it needs? What have you done for it lately? Make a resolution right now that this is the year to take care of your car. Give it that extra love and care it so desperately needs.
Start with proper engine care. Check the battery, belts, and hoses. If there is wear, replace them. Get an oil change. Check all the fluids and bring them up to proper levels. Show your driving buddy you care and you will be amazed at the response.
How about those auto mats? Are they showing the signs of total abuse? Have the road debris and ketchup stains taken their toll on your floor carpet? Get some real carpet protection. Choose a thermoplastic tray to hold that mess at bay. Show your floor some respect. Upgrade to a nicer mat. Let your shoes rest in a place of respect.